About Us

This little farm of 1 acre begins with a family of 7 in Aztec, NM. I am Kaela, 15 years old, and I co-own this business with my brother, Justin, who is 12. After having some experience with boer goats, we decided to purchase our first Nigerian dwarf. We love our little Dwarfs, and hope to offer you the best!

All our goats are vaccinated with CDT.

All our Nigerians are registered.

All deposits are non-refundable.

If you do not have other goats or farm animals at home (this does not include birds, dogs, cats, etc) we strongly suggest that you please consider buying two or more goats. They are herding animals, and need company of at least two.

~We retain the right to decline any offer on any of our goats without given reason. We also have the right to retain any of our goats~

Above: Dolly when she was a couple days old.

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