Nigerian Dwarf goats, originating from West Africa, are gentle and easily trainable. This, along with their small size and colorful appearance, makes them popular as pets. They can be very friendly, and easily trained to walk on a leash, and some enjoy coming into the house with their owners. We love taking our goats for walks.

Nigerian dwarf goats' small size also makes them excellent "visitor" animals for nursing homes and hospitals.

Nigerian Dwarfs give a surprising quantity of milk  for their size, some giving up to 2 quarts a day even! Their milk has a higher butterfat content than milk from full-sized dairy goats, usually about 5%, but going as high as 10% at the end of a lactation. This makes Nigerian Dwarf goat milk excellent for cheese and soap making.

Nigerians can be any color/pattern. This is also the breed for those beautiful blue eyes! Nigerians can also be bred year-round (meaning that they come into season all year)

Goats should be kept in clean pens free of dampness, drafts and pests like flies and rodents. They also require adequate fencing due to their small size. Nigerian Dwarf goats should not be housed in airtight buildings; they need to have ventilation for optimum health. For one to just a few goats, many owners find that an oversized dog house or two does the job. Pens or houses should be kept clean with fresh hay or straw for bedding. Many owners find that providing a few “toys” for the goats provides them with hours of energetic entertainment. Tree stumps, rocks or large cable spools are great for “king of the mountain” games and jumping. They love running up and down stairs, and if you turn over feed buckets-it will provide hours of entertainment! Just be sure to keep them away from the fence to avoid giving herd escape artists means to roam your neighborhood!

Miniature alpines are wonderful dairy goats. They are developed by breeding a nigerian dwarf buck to an alpine doe. The purpose is to get smaller animals (that means feeding costs are cut) with more milk production. Because they are mixed with the Nigerians, they have a higher chance of being able to breed year-round.

The following links are helpful for goat care questions - also has herbal supplements for goats

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